Why do we require an application?

Our application process is in response to two of the most common questions our Riders have prior to booking a trip with us:

1) Am I skilled/fit enough to participate in this Ride?
2) Will the other people on my Ride be skilled/fit enough?

Ensuring that you - and the other Riders on your Ride - are a good fit for the Ride selected is of paramount importance to us. We want to help you pick the Ride that's perfect for you, and ensure that everyone booked on a Ride is on the right Ride for them. That's why we want to know a bit more about you - your mountain biking history, where you ride, how often, etc... - before we take your money.

We review every application and if, based on your responses, we think you're a good fit, we'll approve your application and you'll receive a link to place a deposit. If we think you might not be a good fit (either too skilled or not skilled enough for the Ride you chose), then we'll give you a call to discuss your preferences in greater detail.

Please note: our application process isn't about excluding anyone, or making anyone feel like they're not 'good enough' to participate in one of our Rides. It's about ensuring that you end up on the right Ride for you, with people of similar skill, fitness and riding preferences. In the end this ends up being a much better experience for everyone.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of information about this Ride and destination.

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Name Bio

Justin Ellis
Justin has been an enthusiastic mountain biker for over 10 years and knows the the Island trails like the back of his hand. When he's not moonlighting (or "following his dreams") guiding fellow bikers, he can be found counting beans...

Mike Robertson
Mike has been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years on Prince Edward Island and has been addicted since day one. His current profession is tourism marketing so offering mountain bike tours is a natural extension of his day job. Plus, providing...

Please note that the following data represents a typical itinerary, and unfortunately there is no such thing as a typical itinerary. Weather issues, road closures, changes to the itinerary to accommodate requests, and other issues may affect the itinerary, so the data below represents an 'average' itinerary, and may differ when you actually show up to ride your bike! Our guides make every effort to stick to the itinerary as posted, though :)

Day Hours of Riding Distance ridden Elevation gained Elevation lost Highest elevation
NOTE: There are no scheduled departures at the moment, but custom group departures are available for groups of 2 or more. If you are interested in a custom departure, contact us at pei@sacredrides.com or 902.628.9665.

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