About Us

Sacred Rides offers meticulously researched and organized adventure mountain biking trips in the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Our Rides offer Riders the opportunity to live life to the fullest, be challenged physically and mentally, have meaningful travel experiences, and forge deep connections with other Riders, communities and people around the planet.

Sacred Rides is:

  • The world's leading mountain bike adventure operator since 1996 (formerly Fernie Fat-Tire Adventures), ranked "#1 Mountain Bike Tour Company on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure magazine. In 2014 we are celebrating 18 years of fulfilling the mountain bike fantasies of passionate Riders from around the world.
  • Dedicated to responsible, sustainable mountain bike tourism
  • Dedicated to communities: we have a sense of responsibility to the communities whose trails allow us to earn our livelihood. As such we have a number of programs in place to give back to those communities: hiring local guides, sourcing local suppliers, and donating a percentage of annual profits to local development and environmental projects.
  • Ranked among the top adventure holiday companies in the world by leading magazines such as Explore, Outside, National Geographic Adventure and numerous other publications.
  • Run and staffed by dedicated mountain bikers who love to ride, and share a commitment to the natural beauty of the area and a passionate attitude towards life.

Our Core Purpose...

...is to inspire and uplift individuals and communities through mountain bike adventure.

Our Vision... 

is to create the world's #1 mountain bike adventure company, and by offering inspiring, responsible holidays, instill in our customers respect for the planet and concern for its communities.

Our Mission...

...is to make a positive contribution to the world through mountain biking and travel. We work within our Guiding Principles (see below) to ensure that everyone who participates in a Sacred Rides holiday is in some way inspired by their experience, comes away thinking about how their holiday has made a positive difference in the world, and how they can continue to do so when they return home.

Our Customers...

...are passionate mountain bikers and adventurous travelers from around the world who value the natural beauty of our planet, and who gain satisfaction from knowing that their choice of holiday has resulted in an overall positive benefit for the world.

Our Model...

...is based on keeping communities vibrant: every trip is selected and designed to benefit the communities we visit, and we strive to develop and maintain positive relations with the people of those communities. Every trip will contribute financially to the communities where we operate and every trip will incorporate some volunteering into the schedule, so that our clients can work side-by-side with community members to help strengthen their communities.

Our Focus...

...is on developing "customers for life" by offering the highest level of customer service in the industry and adventures of the highest quality, and recognizing and fostering customer loyalty. Our clients will turn to us year in and year out to provide them with the ultimate mountain bike adventure.

Our Guiding Principles...

...are our essential and enduring codes of belief. They are not compromised for financial gain or short-term convenience. These principles always come before policies, practices and goals, which will be altered if they violate these guiding principles.


  1. Mountain Biking is a Force For Good 
    We believe that mountain biking is a force for good in the world. People who mountain bike are happier, less stressed, and more apt to take an active interest in the preservation of natural environments. By helping to foster the growth of mountain biking, we are contributing to a better world.
  2. We are always Accountable
    We are responsible for our actions, and always accountable to our Riders and the communities where we Ride. When we make a mistake, we never pass the buck - we own up to it and do our best to ensure we learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat them. 
  3. Listening is crucial to good relationships
    We listen openly and intently to our Riders’ needs, and do our utmost best to meet them. We listen to our employees’ needs, implementing systems and policies which encourage and foster real listening. We listen to the needs of the communities where we ride, and operate from an understanding of and respect for the impact of our operations.
  4. We believe in Abundance for all
    We believe in a world of abundance, where all humans and all communities have access to not only basic necessities, but also those things that make them feel happy, fulfilled and whole.
  5. We believe in calculated Risk. 
    We believe that risk is the key to great achievements. Risk - when coupled with calculated forethought - helps us reach new heights, achieve new goals, and gain a better understanding of ourselves. However, risk should also be weighed against potential dangers and our own limitations.


  6. Fun is worthy in and of itself. 
    Life is a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated, and living one’s life in celebration is the best way to uplift oneself and others. By living a life of fun, we are uplifting all those around us and creating a better world.


  7. Community is key to happiness and fulfillment
    Humans are happiest when living, working, and playing in strong communities held together by respect, mutual interest, and mutual values. We seek to create community wherever and whenever possible: among our Riders, among our staff, and with the existing communities where we operate.